The night sky doesn't stand still, but this G'zOne application will help you find what you're looking for.

  • ・ Shows the moon's face graphically
  • ・ Shows the moon's age and days until a full or new moon
  • ・ Allows you to choose dates to show past and future phases of the moon
  • ・ Shows the location of the sun, earth and moon in a cosmic point of view
  • ・ Shows astronomical phenomenon such as an eclipse

Navigate the wilderness with two extremely useful features.

  • ・ It functions as a standard compass (in case you plan on leaving that dense jungle or jagged moutain range)
  • ・ When GPS is used, it shows the distance and direction of over 40 domestic and worldwide natural objects,including Yosemite National Park and Mt.Everest

Keep an eye on the temperature with this application.

  • ・ Shows current temperature in both Celsius and Fahrenheit
  • ・ Provides numeric and graphic thermometer readings

Because if you set up camp in the dark, you might end up with critters in your tent.

  • ・ Shows current time and position of the sun
  • ・ Shows time of sunrise and sunset
  • ・ Change dates to show past and future times of sunrise and sunset
  • ・ Select location points from major cities
  • ・ Fixes your location using GPS
  • ・ Shows the ratio of day and night in numbers and graphs

The ocean can be a tricky mistress. Fortunately, the G'zOne has your back with a sea tide application.

  • ・ Shows tidal graphs for 100 locations made available by Surfline's webcams
  • ・ Shows the time of ebb and flood tides
  • ・ Shows the time of sunrise and sunset
  • ・ Shows past and future sea tides
  • ・ Position can be selected from 100 locations
  • ・ GPS can be used to select the nearest location
  • ・ Shows the current tide and the best time for fishing

Using a motion sensor, this application will measure your steps and guide your outdoor excursions via virtual hiking trails.

  • ・ Measures steps, time, distance, speed and energy consumption
  • ・ Shows mean measurements by the week or the month
  • ・ Shows measurements from the start of your journey
  • ・ Enables virtual hiking of famous North American trails and roads such as the John Muir trail and Route 66
  • ・ Shows milestone accomplishments with images

Navigate the night sky with the Star Gazer application. It displays the stars in the sky and the names of the constellations and major stars.