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    Display the distance and direction of the object


    Measure the temperature


    Display the tide level of the sea


    Show the movement of the sun and the moon


    Display the constellation in the direction you are facing


    Measure the distance walked


    Predict the weather from pressure tendency


Original Productions (OP) has become a world-wide culture-changing force in unscripted reality television. With titles such as Deadliest Catch, Bering Sea Gold, Ice Road Truckers and the Storage Wars triple threat, more than 180 countries world-wide are watching Original Productions' shows. OP series consistently perform above average on primetime cable networks, maintaining strong and growing ratings as new episodes air from year to renewal year. In March, the second season of OP's Bering Sea Gold on Discovery began its' Number One weekly status with more men 25-54 watching than any other cable show in prime time.

The Original Productions Crew produced an amazing 207 episodes of new programming for America's top cable television networks in 2012 alone. In the United States, 14 Original Productions' series are currently airing on seven of the country's top cable networks.

Among those smash hits is the Storage Wars franchise: Storage Wars; Storage Wars: Texas, and the premiere of Storage Wars: New York on New Year's Day, 2013. Storage Wars is A&E Network's highest rated-series of all time including the second season premiere with 5.1 million total viewers. When first brand extension Storage Wars: Texas was first telecast, 4.1 million viewers made it the most-watched original series launch in the network's history.

Original Productions achieves higher success rates and longer running men's series more than 20 percent above the industry average. In April 2012, the Emmy Award-winning Deadliest Catch season eight premiere was the number one rated cable show for the night. According to the National Review, Deadliest Catch started it all the men who we've all gotten to know thanks to the first TV reality show ever to center around real-life men doing real-life work. The real-life hits continue with wheel gripping Ice Road Truckers in season seven and OP's brawny Ax Men in season six for History. Without fail, the coveted advertiser friendly 25-54 male audience increases each year an OP series is renewed. Black Gold on truTV is in its fifth season, with Are You Tougher Than a Boy Scout? on National Geographic Channel and Money Barn on Animal Planet as new OP series.

The OP Crew is a staff with depth. After seven years as the company's President, Philip Segal was named CEO & EP in 2012 when OP Chairman and Founder Thom Beers was promoted to CEO & EP of parent company FremantleMedia, NA. Twelve year veteran production exec Jeff Conroy was named OP President & EP, Sarah Whalen, to Senior VP Programming and to John Grey was promoted to VP Programming.

The OP legacy was founded with mega hits such as Monster Garage and Biker Build- Off. Original Productions has continued its tradition of living up to its name with cult favorites such as 1,000 Ways to Die on Spike and Whisker Wars for IFC and the 2012 Genesis Award Nominee, Wild Justice, on National Geographic Channel.


Alex Jones doesn’t think twice about tangling with venomous snakes, spiders, sharks or rabid bats in distant caves. He’s hand caught sharks, wrestled with 8 foot alligators, tangled many rattlesnake species and has explored mountain ranges at night for tarantulas on his leisure time.

Since he was at least 4 years old, Alex has been interested and amazed by the wild world. He caught his first rattlesnakes at 9 years old and has collected insects around the world ever since he could remember. When he finally got his scuba diving license at 16, the first thing he did was film his first wildlife film titled, "Under Catalina". In addition to crazy adventures, Alex considers himself a wildlife cinematographer and nature show host, sharing his knowledge and enthusiasm for animals. Alex can snowboard, surf, scuba dive, rock climb, hike and parachute. The open air is a playground for him.

Alex Jones has traveled to many parts of the earth including, Africa, Australia, Peru, Costa Rica, Thailand, Indonesia and much more. He has even traveled into the deep forests of the Amazon for his love of reptiles.

Alex Jones is a storyteller, cinematographer, wildlife filmmaker/host and researcher. His journey into the great outdoors is where he calls home. He is a true, "Adventurer."


  • About the “SNAKE HUNT”

    A movie in which Alex Jones explores a dangerous rattlesnake together with his G’zOne. The movie presents Alex Jones overcoming various harsh environments taking advantage of excellent features of G’zOne Commando 4G LTE such as its toughness performance, EARTH COMPASS, BAROMETER, among others. The “sidewinder rattlesnake” he explored in this episode is a viper living in the deserts of the Western United States. When the snake moves in the desert, it wiggles its body in S-shape and moves sideways. The name of “Side Winder” derives from the fact. When bitten by the snake, our body partially becomes necrotic. If allergy’s symptoms occur, they are sometimes fatal. The “sidewinder rattlesnake” is such a dangerous viper.


    Even in an unknown place where no landmark is visible, you can know immediately in which direction you are heading if you use EARTH COMPASS. In a desert, you realize that everything start to look the same. It is dangerous to move around without knowing where you are heading.


    You can measure the atmospheric pressure immediately using BAROMETER even in an arid region.
    Incidentally, the atmospheric pressure of this place was 928hPa. Atmospheric information also plays an important role in catching snakes which are extremely specific about their environment.


    He could manage the scene where he slides down the cliffs capturing the video thanks to its shock resistance. An adventure needs to be recorded. Without a strong and tough smart phone, however, valuable scenes will be missing.