Hearing Aid Compatibility (HAC)

We believe that all of our customers should be able to enjoy the benefits of digital wireless technologies. We are committed to providing a selection of compatible devices for our customers who wear hearing aids.

What is Hearing Aid Compatibility?

The Federal Communications Commission has implemented rules and a rating system designed to enable people who wear hearing aids to more effectively use these wireless telecommunications devices. The standard for compatibility of digital wireless phones with hearing aids is set forth in American National Standard Institute (ANSI) standard C63.19. There are two sets of ANSI standards with ratings from one to four (four being the best rating): an "M" rating for reduced interference making it easier to hear conversations on the phone when using the hearing aid microphone, and a "T" rating that enables the phone to be used with hearing aids operating in the telecoil mode thus reducing unwanted background noise.

How will I know which wireless phones are Hearing Aid Compatible?

A phone is considered Hearing Aid Compatible for acoustic coupling (microphone mode) if it has an "M3" or "M4" rating. A digital wireless phone is considered Hearing Aid Compatible for inductive coupling (telecoil mode) if it has a "T3" or "T4" rating.

HAC Rated our models

Model HAC Rating Carrier
G'zOne COMMANDO M4/T4 Verizon Wireless
G'zOne TYPE-V M4/T4 Verizon Wireless
G'zOne TYPE-S M4/T4 Verizon Wireless
G'zOne BOULDER M4/T4 Verizon Wireless
EXILIM Phone M4/T4 Verizon Wireless
G'zOne ROCK M4/T4 Verizon Wireless
G'zOne BRIGADE M4/T4 Verizon Wireless
G'zOne RAVINE M4/T4 Verizon Wireless